Huge White Orb Ejects Smaller Spheres.

Location of Sighting: Long Beach, California
Date of Sighting: October 21, 2017
Time of Sighting: 3 PM PDT

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Description: I saw a huge white orb over my house in Long Beach CA on October 21, 2017. At first I spotted two objects crossing paths with each other. I then focused on the larger one. As I zoomed in on my camera the UFO started ejecting smaller spheres into the atmosphere. The first ejection formed a triangular formation! As I kept filming the object started emitting tons of orbs falling in a steady stream from the main object. There were at least 40 smaller spheres emitted from the main UFO. Interestingly the smaller orbs were only visible through my infrared camera. This was recorded with my full spectrum Canon SX60 with a monopod in my backyard in Long Beach, CA.

Note: The video was taken during the daytime, but is dark due to the fact that it was taken by an infrared camera.

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5 Responses to Huge White Orb Ejects Smaller Spheres.

  1. Observer says:

    The large object looks like a balloon of some sort, you can see it rotating erratically. The smaller objects could be some small flaming debris released by the balloon. There’s nothing for image scale, so there’s no way to know how big (or small) anything is.

    The dramatic music makes this look & sound like a pre-planned event. The hoax group SecureTeam 10 also has some role in this, based on comments from the YouTube site.

    • Administrator says:

      The fact that music is present on the YouTube video doesn’t mean that the video is a hoax. The witness stated that hundreds of objects were released and they were only visible in the infrared. If this is true, the object probably is not a balloon.

  2. Jim says:

    Very excellent video capture. I have seen and video taped this same UFO phenomena many times here in Oregon. I am still wondering what the smaller released objects are and where they are going. They could be alien surveillance drones or garbage or even excrement being released , etc.? Infrared is nice, but not necessary to see and capture them. The released objects I have seen don’t seem to make it to the ground and disappear in mid flight. For the skeptics > this is not even close to a balloon exploding.

  3. Barb G. says:

    I wonder if these orbs can be seen at all without a infrared camera? That would be interesting to know. You begin to wonder too are the orbs that so many people are seeing from outside our planet or are they being created by a unknown natural phenomenon right here on earth.

    • Administrator says:

      The witness said that the “ejected” objects were only visible through the infrared camera. That adds some intrigue to the sighting.

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