Intense Amber Light Stays Still for Several Minutes.

Location of Sighting: Adelaide South Australia
Date of Sighting: August 6, 2019
Time of Sighting: 6:50 PM Local Time


Description: We saw an intense orange light. With binoculars I could see smaller orange balls slowly moving and multiplying, but from a distance it looks like an intense amber light that stayed still for several minutes, but I only got 15 seconds trying to get a shot through the binoculars.

YouTube Clip of Orange Light Taken by Witness.

I know that it is not a great video, but I will add a clearer photo. It was a cloudy night and I couldn’t see any stars. Even the moon was covered. It was definitely hovering in 1 spot and was glowing as bright as the lights at Gepps cross to the right of the photo. I have a couple of more photos but they’re a bit blurry from not holding the camera still for long enough at night

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  1. Observer says:

    My take is it was probably an aircraft approaching the witnesses straight on.

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