Irregularly “Balloon-Like” Object Flies Against Wind.

Location of Sighting: Mjøndalen, Norway
Date of Sighting: September 6, 2016
Time of Sighting: 6:47 PM Local Time



Description: Note – This report was received from Norwegian UFO researcher Marie Andrem.

Hello Will:

I got these pictures from a man who was cleaning in his garden when he saw what he first thought was a plastic bag. He pondered when he saw that the object flew against the wind and on some occasions it stopped in the air and stood totally still. Then it went up and down over an electric wire like it was observing something.

After awhile the object came towards the man who was observing it. The object came over his head and stopped again 40 to 60 meters above his head. Right after this the object accelerated in speed and went up in the sky and flew north with exceptional speed and disappeared at high speed over the horizon.

The observer is 100% sure that this was not a plastic bag or any kind of broken helium balloon because of the speed and the very strange pattern it had, that It flew against the wind and that it stood totally still in the air as well.

When I look at the pictures I do think it looks like a broken helium balloon or some kind of wrapped plastic. It is hard for me to think anything else, but I cannot say for sure. I want to have an open mind about it. I must trust the observer on what he says.

Have you got any clue? Perhaps you got some similar reports? You can post it on your Web page if you want. The picture was taken September 6th in Mjøndalen in Norway at 18:47.

Note: The trio of photos above suggest windblown debris or a “deflated” balloon. However, if one believes what the witness saw this explanation would be wrong. The witness observed that the object hovered, moved into the wind, ascended and took off at high speed.

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