January 11, 2014 – About 210 MI NNW of Cancun, Mexico – 10 PM Local Time

Description: I was on a flight to Cancun. I had a window seat on the left of the plane, directly adjacent to the left wing. I was looking out the window, approximately 30 to 45 minutes prior to landing. The time was roughly 10 PM (local time). I saw a very bright orb in front of the left wing tip. At first I thought it was the brightest star I had ever seen. I realized it couldn’t possibly be a star as it was too close and far too bright with no defined perimeter. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I wanted to tell my travel companion, but I didn’t want to look away to tell her. The orb stayed in the same position to the aircraft for several seconds and suddenly descended straight down extremely fast leaving a tail of white light. After the orb had disappeared from sight I kept looking for it. I then looked around the plane to see if anyone else seemed sort of stunned and excited. I turned to my friend, with an odd look on my face I suppose because she immediately asked me “what? what’s going on?” I excitedly told her what I had just seen.

(Feb 1 response to MUFON questions) I was thinking about my sighting earlier tonight, well not really at first. At first it was a fleeting thought and then suddenly I was like “why would I first think it was a star? Why not another airplane?” I realize now that I thought that it was a star because it didn’t seem to be moving in the sky (but it must have been). It was a solid ball of bright white light in the middle pulsating outwards, but not twinkling like a star. It was as bright as a headlight with no flashes of color that would make you liken it to an airplane’s lights – fuzzing out at its perimeter. Yet it seemed to have a “life” to it. Maybe I am relating the pulse of light to like a heartbeat or something. That sounds kind of corny. Sorry. I remember thinking how very pretty it was. Again, corny.

It couldn’t possibly have been a star because it was far too close. Honestly I am not sure how many feet it was away from our aircraft, but I know it was much too close to be another plane and most definitely not far enough away to be a star, and it just seemed to sit at the same location off the front left portion of the left wing. It seemed stationary, but it must have been moving to remain in my field of view for the period that it did. Of course, not that that was really very long, but long enough that if it was stationary I would have lost sight of it much sooner. It didn’t look to be “moving” though. Weird.

When the orb dropped from the sky, there was a trail tail. The tail almost made it look at little bigger. It kind of flared out behind the orb, almost as bright and tapered off into the blackness of the sky almost leaving a visible “pin-prick” at the location from which it dropped. When it dropped it dropped straight down and very fast. I banged my forehead off the window watching it drop. LOL. It was a knee jerk reaction to following it with my eyes I guess. I saw it drop below the wing and then the wing was in the way and the light was gone. Again it was weird, and a little unnerving, but completely amazing at the same time.

Case status with MUFON – classification “unknown”. We have been unable to identify the object, lights, etc. Celestial objects, satellites, and various other man-made objects have been ruled out with a high degree of certainty.

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