January 11, 2014 – Peck, Michigan – 6:45 AM EST

Description: The sky lit up completely blue or blue-green today Jan. 11, 2014 at approx. 6:45 am. Shortly after the power went out in our home and many others locally. I spoke with many people who were traveling in their cars that had also noticed the light. It lit the entire sky with a blue to blue green and white color for what was much longer than a lightning event would occur. They also lost many electronic capabilities in their vehicles such as radio and others. What was it? I suggested the possibility of a meteorite explosion that may have caused an EMP or electro magnetic pulse but any input would be appreciated. I would normally assume that a meteorite would be a localized event visually but this lit the entire sky with no apparent point of origin or path? I don’t know…. Just weird. The power went out at the house 9 or ten times directly after the light. Glad it’s back on now though. All I can say is Hmmmm???

Additional Information Sent by Witness: Glad to see that someone responded. The town is Peck, Michigan which is a rural area in the “thumb” of Michigan. Don’t know about the UFO thing but open to suggestions. It was pretty foggy out that morning so maybe the light was amplified by that and maybe that’s why we couldn’t see the point of origin if it were a meteorite? Dunno, but it prompted me to look it up online and I saw similar posts on different days recently and not too far away from my location. Have you heard about anything like that in your investigations? I’m not one to read too much into things like this but it just didn’t make sense and I’d like to know what anyone else may think it could have been. It’s probably nothing but again, thank you for any thoughts or information.

Note: A search of the American Meteor Society website showed 2 meteor sightings in Minnesota (St. Cloud and New London) between 5:15 and 5:20 AM CST (6:15 and 6:20 AM EST). No sound was heard with either of these sightings. Given the different time (25 minutes later) it is not likely that the above sighting is related to the two Minnesota sightings. The noted car interference after the loud sound flash could be indicative of electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Perhaps a meteor exploded close by with enough energy to produce an EMP?

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  1. robin brown says:

    I reported close to the same thing four years ago in February. The entire north sky lit up a white blue and stayed for many seconds. There was a power outage reported over Fort worth, Texas also about the same time. This was no meteor. It was a large flash.

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