January 14, 2013 – San Gabriel Mountains, California – 10 AM PST

Description: Okay so this sighting happened to me awhile ago but I have been thinking about it ever since. So I was walking in line with other people towards a mountain. Now I wasn’t going to this mountain. It was too far (about 2 to 3 miles I would say). But I was walking in it’s direction. So I was gazing at the mountain top ridge. I was looking at it, east and west, left and right, slowly. I was trying to imagine how big the trees that are up there had to be, to look as big as they did from my current position. Keep in mind I am walking north this whole time. It is about 10 AM and there might have been some clouds out, but nothing was obstructing my view. It was crystal clear. Ok so here it goes. As I am imagining the size of the trees I suddenly stop because I see this round orb. I would say it was dark in color, an opaque black or really dark gray. It was not giving off any light, but however was pulsating. It was getting big and small at a rapid speed. Reverberating I would say is a better word for what that orb was doing. If you can imagine how a speaker moves quickly to produce sound, that is how this thing was moving. It was way up there right in between a gap between the giant trees I was looking at to begin with. It was about half the size of the trees close to it, and those were huge! I would say those trees from 2 to 300 feet tall. But that is it. It was a pulsating orb that looked like it was sending or receiving some kind of signal\message\or other means of communication. I looked it up, but can only find stuff on glowing orbs. This one wasn’t glowing at all and was very hard to find if you were not staring at or something right next to it. I hope to learn more of what I saw. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Joel Wesley Small says:

    This person has had a most unique sighting, and I think it was made possible because of this witnesse’s degree of concentration and attention to details that most people don’t utilize. I sure wish that a photo could have been obtained of what was seen, as spheres are often reported, but not in such detail. Thank you!

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