January 19, 2014 – Lakewood, Colorado – 3 PM MST

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Description: Hello: I am a natural skeptic (nearly done with a dual chemistry/math degree. I will pursue a masters in computer science next year). I am an analytic thinker and usually chuckle at those who cry 'ALIEN!'.

Today at approximately 3 PM above my home in Lakewood, CO I saw three strange objects. I saw them through my skylight thinking they were balloons. When I went outside to look closer, they seemed to be moving horizontally, but not vertically. They were either holding still or moving very slowly, staying in what appeared to be a triangular shape (equidistant). They didn't appear to be birds or planes, and were too big to be normal balloons.

So, my hope is that you will say, "Oh, yeah, this stuff always happens after the Broncos games (big balloons or whatever"). I just thought that I would send it your way. I can't explain what I saw, but likely you can. The pictures are blurry. These were taken on my camera zoomed all the way in on the object(s). More than one pictured, not shown in 'formation'. Perhaps they were lit. They looked orange in color, but being broad daylight, it is hard to say. I am not sure what else to mention. It seems as though you understand, but anonymity is appreciated.


Another Note From Witness: Thank you, William. Chinese lanterns came to mind, but these seemed too big. Wouldn't there be a point, though, where they would stop rising and just stay at one altitude before falling? That could explain their strange movement. Like I said, they seemed too big, but that does seem like a reasonable explanation.

Thanks again for getting back to me.

Note: What are these objects? Chinese Lanterns, hot air balloons, UAV's?? Chinese Lanterns should rise. These objects did not rise. Normally Chinese Lanterns are launched in bunches. I suspect "debunkers" will cry Chinese Lanterns!

The camera focal length was 147 mm which means that a high zoom setting was used. The minimum focal length of the camera is not known. Most cameras have a minimum focal length of 18 mm. If this is true for this camera, then the optical zoom would have been close to 8X.

Update - January 8, 2015 - Comment Received From Resident of Englewood, CO: These look like airplanes. From our area (I'm in Englewood), there are a whole lot of planes that come from the Southwest, and when the sun is just right for an awesome sunset, the planes' luster picks up the sunset's color. It looks kind of bizarre if there are no clouds around to know that there's a sunset going on. LOL, but they often look like they are stationary or slightly moving left or right because of the angle they are almost coming straight at us, when it looks like that. They are coming down in elevation after going over the mountains.

Update - January 10, 2015 - More Comments From the Above Resident of Englewood, CO: I just realized, he said he was looking up above his house! Straight up? I have never seen the sun illuminate planes look like that from directly below them.. They will still pick up the sunlight. But from under them, you can see they behave like an airplanes. From that angle, airplanes would not behave as he mentions.

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