January, 2006 – Elmora, Minnesota – 7 PM CST

Description: My kids and I were leaving my parents’ house at about 7 PM in the winter time. They live in the country. We were on a back road going to a main road which was about three to four miles away. As we got about two miles from the main road I was watching the sky. The stars were out. It was clear and the moon was full. I started to notice a new star, but as I got closer to the main road it was getting closer. I had to stop at a train crossing before the main road. I noticed that the star was getting really close and I noticed a car at the intersection of the main highway. When I got to the main road the craft was right above me and no more then 100 to 200 yards above me. What I thought was a car was a van on the other road. This object made no noise. It was a triangle with three amazing lights. I have never seen lights like this. The van was following this craft with all black windows no license plates and an orange blinking light on top of the van. They both started to go down the road I was just on. I could not do anything, but stare because it was so big and silent. I have never seen lights like this ever.

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