January, 2012 – Draper, Utah – 9:30 to 10 PM MST

Description: Hello: This sighting took place in January. 2012. My sister and I were on our way home. It was around 9:30 to 10 o’clock at night and when we were pulling down our main street in Draper, Utah. There is a church at the end of the street and a mountain to the left and houses on that side and the house is on the right. So as we were driving and I stop at the stop sign and I look to my left. We see 3 Alien ships. They are bouncing coming down off the mountain. I turn to my sister and say: oh my God you see that? She’s said yeah. One was green, one was orange and one with red. As I see this I start driving towards the church to enter the church’s parking lot and I see them now in the air hovering very low by the steeple of the church and then as I am crossing through the parking lot of the church all 3 ships starting coming towards us. My sister started to scream go go go. We felt a fear that we have never felt before come over us. So I slam on the gas to make it home because it’s on the same street. I make it home within 10 to 15 seconds. I close the garage door and we run inside and by the time we tell our mother and explain what we just saw my mom walks out the front door to check it out and nothing. They were gone. This happened in Draper Utah. The mountain is called South mountain and there is a Mormon church. I have never reported this before. I was too scared to. I would have no problem taking a lie detector test. My sister has the same exact story and she would have no problem taking a lie detector test either. Thank you.

Response of Witness: I was 20 and my sister was 22 at the time of our sighting.

Note: The witnesses did not describe the exact shape and movement of the objects. A few questions have been sent to the witness. Updates will be posted.

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