January 24, 2015 – West Caldwell, Idaho – 7:15 to 7:20 PM MST

Description: One of the witnesses called and left a voice-mail message. She and others (number not specified) were outside and noticed two “red circles” in the sky. The circles (lights) were similar, but larger than lights on a cell phone tower. The witnesses were “shocked” by their sighting and have never seen anything like it. One light was over a pasture and the other was described as being about 1/2 mile down the road. The lights were high in the sky and emitted no sound. Skies were clear at the time of the sighting. Then the lights abruptly disappeared. A few minutes later the lights reappeared and again disappeared. They didn’t move much and were visible for about 10 minutes. The witness called from an anonymous number and did not leave a name. The witness wanted to remain confidential and did not even want the recording of her voice to be posted. The witnesses first thought that the lights were a helicopter, but no sound was heard so they knew that wasn’t an explanation. The witness speculated that the lights could have been military craft?

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