January 26, 2011 – Eastern Oklahoma, Near Arkansas Border – 2 PM CST

Witness Sketch of UFO That Came From A Cloud.

Witness Sketch of UFO That Came From A Cloud.

Description: This personal UFO account was first posted on Alien UFO in 2011 and on the youarenotalone.free forum in 2012.I got little response and I was told it means nothing because I was the only witness and I took no photos. An X MUFON man said he believed me because there were others who have seen one too. The sighting was on a cool sunny afternoon around 2:00 on January 26, 2011, near Highway 412, 30 miles from the Arkansas border.

I was sitting in the passenger side of our car. I looked out the window and saw a gray cloud. Odd I thought because it was a sunny day with very few white clouds. Then suddenly the cloud changed into a flat 2 dimensional form. Within seconds it became 3 dimensional. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Out loud I said to my husband, “what the heck is that?” He said nothing. I was thinking, it’s not a balloon, plane or helicopter, but it was some type of airship. It stayed within my vision and followed the car silently for a mile just above the tree tops until I thought, oh it’s one of you (meaning, a cigar shaped UFO, but with many tentacles coming out one side). As soon as I thought that it began moving away in the opposite direction back to where I first saw it withdrawing it’s tentacles inside. It was brown and octagonal in shape with rebarb along the edges, running the length of the ship. It was built sturdy like it could be used in space or underwater. Turning the car left took my eyes off it. When I looked out the back window it was gone. Perfection on Alien UFO said this vehicle carried souls to earth and back. I wished I would have waved. It had a row of dark windows. I am portrait artist. I drew the attached picture.

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  1. Joel Wesley Small says:

    All that I can say is that this person witnessed a very much “unidentified” aerial object!

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