January 26, 2014 – Spokane Valley, Washington – 6:15 PM PST

Description: Hello:. About 10 to 15 minutes ago (6:15 PM) I was taking out the trash & noticed a big orange ball in the night sky. I live in the Spokane Valley in the Pines & 32nd area. My mother was here dropping off my kids & we all rushed outside to stare at it! My 10 year old grabbed the binoculars & we watched this big orange ball of what appeared to be fire floating in the Eastern sky. Even with the binoculars it looked like a big ball of fire (not much detail to it). It was fairly high in the sky & appeared to be moving very slowly in our direction. Our neighbor had been outside watching it for several minutes before we even came out & said it was bigger then when we 1st saw it. As we watched it, it slowly got smaller & smaller & then disappeared. I was almost like someone lit a match (big & bright at first) & as it reached the end of the stick it got dimmer & smaller until POOF it went out! The strange thing about it (other then the size, shape & color) was the way it moved. It moved very slowly & sort of back & forth. It did not blink like a plane. What was it? Where did it go? Please get back to me. I am DYING of curiosity!

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