January 27, 2013 – Santa Rosa Beach, Florida – Evening

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Description: My husband and I took our camcorder down to the Choctawachee Bay to shoot the moon to see if anything unusual would occur as we have had several experiences around our house which is posted above. Immediately upon sitting and turning on the camcorder and filming the full moon the night of Jan. 27th, an emerald colored light flew into view and we were able to get about 20 seconds of unbelievable footage of the orb flying around, obviously lit by the moon and invisible to the naked eye! It seemed to disappear or just wasn’t visible when it wasn’t lit by the moon. It was totally amazing as to how it seemed to be self sufficient and be able to move at such a high rate of speed and in any and all directions. We certainly had never seen or photographed a moving orb before, but have much footage of still pictures around our home that are amazing. We used a JAZZ/HDV102 camcorder and a KODAK EASY SHARE C813 DIGITAL CAMERA. We had to use the camera around the house instead of the camcorder as the camcorder does not provide enough light to pick up the orbs. We are attaching the video, and also pictures of the orbs around our home. These are, but a few of the orbs around our home, and we have some with the letters FORC written inside them! I don’t know if we have enough space to send them on this email, but will send them immediately following.

Note: The orb in the video is probably the reflection of the moon off of the camera lens. The orbs in the photo were not seen. The camera flash was used. Many times the flash will illuminate dust particles in the atmosphere and the light will scatter from the flash resulting in white orbs.

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  1. David Whiteford says:

    Hi: The orb in the video is almost certainly the reflection of the moon in one of the inner optics of the lens. However, the photo of the orbs is more interesting. I have noticed in other multiple orb photos that there seems to be faces in the orbs, that is also apparent in your photo. The faces are different from one another and don’t seem to be reflections.

    I wonder if I could get a copy of the original higher resolution photo. My analysis was thwarted by pixelation when I tried to zoom in on the orbs. You could send it to my email whitefrd@hotmail.com and I will promise to inform you of the results.

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