January 29, 2015 – Helena, Montana – 9:52 PM MST

Watch Clip of Footage of Erratic Moving Light (YouTube):



Description: I have 3 digital security cameras set to detect motion. One of my cameras had it’s motion sensor triggered and recorded several minutes of footage of an erratic moving bright light. The camera was in night (infrared mode). The object was detected for several minutes and eventually vanished. I don’t know the identity of the object. I know what it wasn’t. It was not a spider web because I checked the camera and none was present. It was not a bug because the temperature was too cold. (The temperature was 32 degrees and winds were out of the Southwest at 4 MPH.) Obviously the light was not an aircraft. The blurry out-of-focus objects are ice crystals and dust particles. This object was not an ice crystal, dust particle or someone shining a light. None of the 3 cameras show that anyone was outside at the time of video. Also the object is in focus.

Update – Feb 13, 2015: I reviewed the above footage with the security camera expert that installed my cameras. We have concluded that the object was probably a “spider sac” that had blown off a nearby eve and was suspended in mid air. I know that there was no spider activity near my camera lens nor were there any trees or other structures in the video path of my camera that would support a spider web.

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6 Responses to January 29, 2015 – Helena, Montana – 9:52 PM MST

  1. karl kushman says:

    Well you can CLEARLY SEE that the erratic “moving object” is on a string or fishing line. If this isn’t a hoax then it’s a spiders web spun around something by the wind I guess, but it looks like a total fake. Maybe it’s a ping pong ball.

    • Administrator says:

      Obviously the commenter is “shooting from the hip” and does not have any knowledge of photos and videos. He assumes that the video is a hoax without asking any questions. First off the video was taken near 10 PM on a freezing night from a security camera about 15 feet off of the ground. Oh I suppose that someone crawled up on my icy roof on a freezing night with a fishing pole and waved it in front of my camera? There were no spiders on or near the camera. Also look at the edge detection analysis of a photo taken with the camera during the time of the video. Where is the “suspension line or spider web?” This is a typical ‘arm chair debunker’ who makes claims without any basis. I am not saying it is UFO, but I don’t have a valid explanation.

  2. Lori says:

    Hoax. How and why is your security camera way across the street? It occurs to me that this is a photograph of your neighborhood and it is sitting outside in a snow storm and someone is playing with a laser light.

    • Administrator says:

      There was no snowstorm. The material that you see moving is ice crystals and dust particles that are out-of-focus. This is a high end infrared camera. I suppose that the light could be someone shining a light, but I doubt it. I have two other cameras and no one was shown to be outside at the time.

  3. AR says:

    Bill: I have much respect for your site and what you do. Having worked in the security field (on cameras just like this one) for 10+ years, I can confidently say that what is in this video is something on the end of a spider web, blowing in the wind. I have seen it a thousand times. What that something is, I don’t know. I think the reason why the web doesn’t show up on your edge detection is because it is so small. Spider webs are very strong as we all know, and it would not take much to hold up whatever is at the end (spider eggs maybe). If you look close on a large monitor, you can clearly see the web reflecting the IR. A laser is a close second to a good explanation. I do believe they are here, I just don’t think this is the proof. And no, I don’t think it was intentionally “hoaxed” by Bill.

    • Administrator says:


      Thanks for your comments and complements. I have been somewhat baffled by this footage. No, I do not believe that it was a UFO or anything paranormal. I looked at my camera and found no remnants of any spider webs. My camera is not housed. It has a small hood on top protruding outward about an inch. Also the camera is shooting across the street and there is nothing in the path that would support a spider web. Perhaps a web got suspended in the wind? The winds were light (only about 4 MPH) and the temperature was about 30 degrees.

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