January 3, 2007 – Douglas, Michigan – 5 AM EST



Description: Around 5 AM in Oval Beach, MI I was walking to the south pier to fish. I saw a bright light overhead. A smaller orange light came out of that came down to lake level! It was throwing off arc’s like a welder would. There were no sounds, but one of sparks landed in the water by me. It was red hot. When it hit the water it sizzled. I went over and got it with my hemo’s. From what I could see there were a few of them and as soon as they hit the water they stop glowing and were out deeper than I could go. I still have it and never told anyone. The orange light went back up and the bright light came back on. I thought I heard a sound like a door motor and the orange light went into it. I looked back out into the lake to see if there were anymore glowing metal blobs. When I looked back up the light went out.

Second Report by Witness: William: It’s weight is 11.5 grams and it is nonmagnetic. Most meteors are iron based! And meteors don’t come out of a still floating white light. Then the orange light about 1/3 its size come down to lake level. Then it flew NE and went over land about 2 miles north! Then it came back out 50 yards north of me. It was throwing off arcs. This object was under control and looked to be scouting around! Then it went back up to the white light. And the only reason I have said something was I have been hearing about the Lake Michigan triangle. And I have been fishing in the area for 50 years. It was a strange morning. The temperature was in the 40’s and there was no snow on the ground. And for Jan 3 that’s more than strange. And on the way home with my limit of steelhead on the radio the DJ was joking about a UFO sighting over Chicago that night! And no I have not had the metal analyzed because it’s the only proof I have, THAT THIS REALLY HAPPENED! I haven’t gone out there alone since!

Note: Given the description of the object and attributes of the debris the sighting doesn’t sound like a meteor. The witness does not want the sample analyzed. Without complete knowledge of the chemical components and properties of the debris it is not possible to determine where the debris came from.

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