Air Force Couple & Family Have Terrifying Encounter.

Air Force Couple & Family Have Terrifying Encounter.

Tok Junction is About a Day’s Drive From Anchorage.

Date of Sighting: January 31, 1988
Date Sighting Reported: November 6, 2008
Time of Sighting: Between 6 and 9 PM Local Time (Exact Time Unknown)
Duration of Sighting: 10 to 15 Minutes
Location of Sighting: Tok Junction, Alaska (See Map)
Latitude: 63.34 Degrees North
Longitude: 143.0 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Three
Number Witnesses Interviewed: Two
Weather: Witnesses Stated That Skies Were Clear

Special Note: Witnesses have consented to the use of their names in this report.

Description: Listen to Interview With Witnesses (MP3)
Our encounter happened January 31 – February 1,1988 outside of Tok Junction Alaska. My husband and I were both Active duty Air Force at the time, and therefore didn’t feel we could talk about it. We were driving from Anchorage Alaska to Panama City Florida Changing duty stations. We were watching television this morning and saw the same exact thing that happened to us. We had a brand new Dodge Ram van, and all of a sudden these pulsing lights appeared and hovered over us and it took all the power out of the van. It drained everything, no lights, etc. The object darted off and a few minutes later came back and the same thing happened again. My husband got out and opened the hood and there was no spark or anything. He got back in the van and a few minutes later it started up again. Also my husband got really sick for the next two days, like maybe radiation poisoning or something. Now that we are both retired from the military and seeing the same thing that happened to us has happened to others we are ready to tell our story if you are interested.

Investigator’s Notes: Both of the witnesses seem credible. They provided proof that they were in the Air Force at the time. Click here to view each of their discharge papers (PDF). The husband was on active duty from 1974 through 1994 and his wife from 1978 through 1990. (The wife received a medical disability.) The witnesses said that the vehicle shook violently when the object had approached. The object left for a few minutes and then returned. Similar effects were observed upon the object’s return. When the object departed the vehicle started right up. The vehicle was new and had been just driven off a lot in Anchorage. They never had any problems before the incident and none for at least two years after the incident. Two young children were in the car at the time. The five year child awoke and was also terrified by the encounter. The 5 year old is 25 now and still vividly recalls the experience. (He was not interviewed.) The husband became very ill for two days after the incident. He vomited several times and then his hair turned white. The “hair bleaching effect” lasted for several months after the encounter. Eventually his hair pigment returned. He was the only person to become ill, but he also was the only person who got out of the vehicle.

Given the depth of this experience and the credibility of the witnesses this has to be considered a significant sighting.

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