January 4, 2014 – Port of Tacoma, Washington – Between 9:15 & 10 PM PST

Description: Today we saw approximately 5/6 unidentified flying objects. We watched them fly in and sit there for approximately 45 minutes. Some were moving slowly and others were not moving at all. I have been around the military all my life. It was not helicopters nor airplanes. I am a military spouse and my father an ex brigadier general. I got like 6 or 7 videos as well on it. They are not the best because all I had was my cell phone. I am a security guard out in the port on the docks. I don’t believe in UFO’s so I called to see if we had drone training or anything else going on and we don’t. So when the other guard got there they saw it too. After about twenty minutes we saw approximately six or seven military helicopters start circling the area. Of course my boss came and looked at us like we were crazy. I have never done drugs in my life so this was really weird. The lights on them were blue and reddish-orange not red. The objects looked to be lower than planes, but not high enough either. I counted a total of 11, but ruled out several when the copters flew in. They just sat there and didn’t move for awhile until the military showed up. Anyway thank you. The date is January 4. The time was approximately 9 15 to 10 PM. And when I went on base one of the military asked me if I believed in UFOs and I told hem no. He said I should. Right out of the blue he said that.

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3 Responses to January 4, 2014 – Port of Tacoma, Washington – Between 9:15 & 10 PM PST

  1. Barbara G. says:

    It is too bad that the person writing the report didn’t give some sort of an idea of the size of the UFO’s. I hope he sends some photos that would give a person some idea if what he saw was just the dancing balls of light that so many see.

  2. Jack L. Metcalfe says:

    A US Army 160th SOAR unit is based at Fort Lewis, so it’s likely nothing more than their activity. They were probably conducting aerial refueling of their helos at night, as I have seen in my area on numerous occasions.

  3. Rebecca Richardson says:

    GREAT report. I live in Washington State so I always have been interested in UFO sightings in my state. I have never seen any, but am always looking up just in case.

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