January 4, 2014 – Somerset West (Capetown, South Africa) – 9:30 PM Local Time

Description: I live in Somerset west. At around 21:00 hours 30 minutes or so we (My wife and I) noted an orange glowing object in the sky, below cloud level. It was traveling NW to SE towards SL Pass direction.
It was not as bright as I have seen before.

It was traveling at a constant speed but seemed to be on an ascending path.

It disappeared after a short while behind clouds.

It was traveling faster than the cloud speed.

A few minutes later we saw another on the same trajectory as the previous one. I then called my daughter to see it as well!

It also just disappeared after a short travel!

On the John Maythems show (567 Cape Talk) this morning, an airline pilot called in to report EXACTLY what I just described above also on Saturday evening. This pilot said he noticed about 6 of these a few minutes apart. We saw 3 that evening.

By the way. I saw the same orange object traveling in the exact opposite direction on the Jan 2, 2014(around 9:20 PM) and also disappearing after a short travel. My daughter (in Strand) also saw something about 15 minutes earlier that evening of Jan 2, 2014.

Do you have a take on this?

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