July 1, 2003 – Lodi, New Jersey – 3 AM EDT

Sketch of Object by Witness Showing Bottom & Side View.

Sketch of Object by Witness Showing Bottom & Side View.

Description: I saw a massive object in the sky. I couldn’t see the sky until it left. I remember green and red lights that were very bright. My eyes were affected weeks after. It was shaped like a plate, but not round. It was black and grey in color, but not a regular black. It was almost a titanium color. It had a center white light on the bottom. It moved slow and then was completely gone the next minute. I never told anyone, but my Son a few months ago. I am not sure on exact date, but I know where I was and somewhat of time frame of when this happened. It had a covering on the top like if you put a plate and a pot lid cover on top of the plate.

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