July 1, 2012 – Orillia, Ontario, Canada – 11:45 PM EDT

One of Orange Orbs Photographed & Seen by Witnesses.

One of Orange Orbs Photographed & Seen by Witnesses.

Description: I know you will like this report. Well this is quite a spectacular UFO sighting on July 1st ,2012 in Orillia, Ontario. I must say I have heard and viewed of UFO footages during Rock Festivals worldwide. Here are my observations :

After watching the Tragically Hip Concert at Burl’s Creek Family Campground we returned to camp to stay for the overnight camp. It was about 11:45 PM Sunday, July 1st that late evening. I witnessed three round brilliant orange UFOs. Two were much more distant (southward moving very slow). Then a third one came across much closer above moving from the west to east. Within 5 seconds I immediately pulled out my camera to capture the moment on video mode. The characteristics were very strange in pulsation of brightness coming from this brilliant orange round object. Inside the UFO is best described like it had ‘swirling‘ motion inside the object. It also had a fluid-like movement. It was really an extraordinary show in the sky for near five minutes.

Please note: That in fact THIS THING was too big to be a Chinese lantern. (No way indeed.) You had to be there to see it FOR YOURSELF! It was so beautiful and very bizarre in nature. What is perplexing about this incredible sighting witnessed is that ‘feeling’ I felt before the sighting event. That something would appear either during the concert event or there after. suppose my prediction was indeed correct. his event has created great excitement for me knowing that there were hundreds of other witnesses that night at camp. The next morning I talked with a Parks Ground keeper and he also witnessed the three.

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2 Responses to July 1, 2012 – Orillia, Ontario, Canada – 11:45 PM EDT

  1. Joel Small says:

    I know what this person means in saying “you had to be there,” because unfortunately these particular objects, either by default or design, just don’t lend themselves to nice clear pictures. One of the first pictures that I ever saw of a ‘contempory sighting’ was in a newspaper in the mid 1960s. The witness reported the object he or she saw performed several sharp, fast maneuvers, and managed to get a photo, but the photo was pretty much what you see here (a ball of light).

  2. ray says:

    We also saw four spiked orange spheres slowly floating north to south at about 10.30 PM on July 1, as did our neighbor.

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