July 10, 1976 – Hopkinton, New Hampshire – 10 to 11 PM EDT

Description: The object was of triangular shape. It was about 25 to 30 feet wide at the tail and narrowed to a rounded point of at least 2 to 4 feet wide at the front. The height of the craft would be estimated to be at least six, possible eight feet thick. The craft had six or eight rectangular lights of changing colors on the belly. The very rear of the craft looked strikingly similar to the tail lights of a 1965 Ford Galaxy.
This event took place in the early summer of 1976. My friend and I were both 15 and 16 (straight and sober) and we were fishing at night for horned pout at our local favorite spot. It was after dark and we had a Coleman fuel lantern as both light and attraction for the fish. We had been fishing for about an hour with little luck, which was unusual. What we did notice was a low frequency sound similar to a cruising jet, but as would be expected of a jet, the sound should have come quickly and passed quickly. Instead, the sound slowly increased in volume as the craft approached and until the craft passed directly over our fishing spot, which was under the cover of a large pine tree next to the shore. We turned off our lantern and observed in a combination of fear and awe. We were both frozen as we watched. The craft had passed directly over us at an altitude of less than 200 feet, but we could not actually see it until it passed over and further out on the water.

The craft moved slowly over the water with a very low bass frequency similar to that of an warming jet engine. The craft moved slowly over the body of water, until coming to a complete halt and then hovered over the middle of the body of water which was no more than 500 to 600 feet from where we were watching. We had a clear and unobstructed view. The moonlight illuminated the surroundings well enough to see the landscape of the large marsh we were fishing in, and to see with decent detail the shapes and colors of the craft. The craft itself was mostly an aluminum color, but there was a narrow band of lights that flanked the entire length of right side of the craft. Today, it could be described as LED lighting, but in 1976, there was not such thing that any common person would know of or recognize.

The height of the craft over the water was approximately 150 to 200 feet above the surface. Once the craft hovered for a few moments, a very high intensity (again, similar to modern LED’s but even brighter, like a welder’s arc) narrow beam of white light flashed down to the surface of the water and then scanned in a circular motion several times for maybe 30 seconds to a minute before the spot beam turned off.

Once the spot light turned off, the low sound of the propulsion system began to wind up quickly, similar to a jet engine. The craft then launched from a hover to an angular trajectory of about 20 degrees vertical and then disappearing from sight in less than a second. Just before the craft launched, the “tail lights” which looked so similar to a ’65 Galaxy, glowed a very bright, then an almost plasma-like glow the instant before acceleration.

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