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Description: This sighting was already reported to MUFON in the beginning of August 2012 (Case # 41267). I have to say that my first report was terrible. The description of the UFO that I gave was ridiculous. There are two or three reasons why the report was so lame. When I arrived to my home minutes after the encounter, I was in complete shock. Every emotion in me was flopping like a fish out of water. I told my wife what happened. Her response was “really” and that’s all she said. I told her to listen to me because this was serious. Well, she still didn’t realize the magnitude of what just happened. I asked her to register with MUFON and to type my report for me. She agreed half heartedly to type it for me. In her doing so, I was rushed into a lame description of the sighting. The combination of me being in shock and my wife’s lack of interest created a lame report. I have put a lot of thought into this new report. I feel that it’s one more report given/released that supports the reality of UFOs and the reality of what is inside of the UFO is an intelligent living being. My intentions are not to steer people into believing. Though I will openly state that the encounter that I experienced was in fact 100% real. Not so long ago, someone close to me, a family member was questioning me about the encounter. The question that really got to me was “why you”? Out of millions of people in Phoenix, “why you”? Hell, I don’t know why. It has to be someone. That’s when I realized that the subject of UFO’s was a sticky one. Some of my own family members did not believe me. I was indeed forever changed and proud of it. I will not dodge the subject in any public circle or feel ashamed. Nor will I ever deny my relationship with Jesus Christ. I struggle every single day knowing the reality of Jesus Christ and knowing the reality of the existence of ET’s. The unknown connection of their co-existence is mind boggling. Anyhow, we the people have been lied to, about the reality of the existence of ET’s for 70 years or more.

The date of my encounter/sighting was July 28th, 2012. at 10:36 PM.
My daughter and I had just left my mother’s house and were on our way home. While we were still in my mom’s residential area close to the main road, 59th Ave and Evans DR THERE IT WAS. It was the most spectacular object that I have ever seen. It was a flaming teardrop UFO. The size of the object was approximately 40 feet tall and 30 feet wide. It was totally engulfed in flames. It was a visual that I feel very lucky to have witnessed. Even though my over all feelings of the sighting are not all positive. The total viewing time was two to three minutes. I since have had time to think about the sighting and I feel that a more accurate description is needed.

Notice in the MUFON sighting log, case #41318 that two people in a car were driving on the highway near Chandler. Which is, give or take, 40 miles from my sighting location. They reported seeing three tear drop fire UFO’s ONE MINUTE BEFORE MY REPORT.

Important details of sighting:

1. My daughter and I thought we witnessed the same UFO, until the next day when she heard me telling a friend about the sighting. We realized that I saw a completely different object than she did.

2. This means that the ET’s have the ability to allow one person to see an object, while another person cannot. Refer to the drawing I drew.

3. I saw the tear drop fire UFO and it’s altitude was about one-hundred feet. In my previous report I stated the UFO appeared to be three to five hundred feet. I flew a kite to get a more accurate number for the altitude footage. My daughter saw the red UFO and it’s altitude was about one thousand feet. I was standing in the street observing the tear drop just hovering for twenty seconds or so. It then moved directly towards my daughter and I which was almost frightening. I yelled to my daughter “It’s coming right at us”. The way it moved towards us was amazing. I’ll never forget that feeling.

4. My daughter took three photos. To her knowledge she took photos of only the Red UFO as seen in the “Red UFO” photo. One photo was in fact the red UFO, and the other two photos were all together different.

5. During the sighting, I believe, I was subject to alien hypnosis. As I looked at the tear drop UFO, I felt dizzy and I felt this pulsating, heavy feeling that made me feel ill. I could not look at the tear drop longer than ten seconds or so at a time. Then I would have to look away. Then I would look back at the tear drop for ten seconds or so, then have to look away again. That’s because the fire from the tear drop was very bright, but it wasn’t bright enough to keep one from looking at it for more than ten seconds at one time. There was a feeling that’s hard to describe. It was like a wave rolling through me that smothered me the longer I looked at the tear drop. I actually was slightly buckled over while trying to look at the tear drop, but I had to look away because I felt nauseous.

6. Starting the next day and lasting for a week and a half or more, my scalp had this tingle sensation. The lower back of my head was puffy and felt slightly numb as though the glands in my skull were stimulated. The sensations are still occurring every two to three weeks, for periods lasting from five minutes to thirty minutes.

7. Refer to the tear drop description drawing. You can see that the tear drop has a bolt or flow or electricity/energy that flowed vertical, up and down, direct center. Refer to the “alien face photo”. You can see two wavy, bright strands that resemble electricity.

8. This image “alien face photo” was not seen in real time by my daughter, nor myself. For the majority of the cell phone image screen to be full from the image means that the image was within five to ten yards from us. But it was not visible with the naked eye. In my opinion, this image is clearly an alien face. Notice the thick, rounded brow bone over the eyes. Notice the flat nose and small lipless mouth. The alien is distorted, because the alien is in a state of “fine matter” or some type of astral plane or state at the time.

9. Refer to the “alien face 2” photo. I know that some of you are having a hard time seeing the alien face. I opened the “alien face” photo in paint program. I simply inverted the photo and then traced the lines. The alien face should be obviously visible.

10. In my first report, case #41267. I reported that the tear drop appeared to be divided into two sections. The division was towards the top of the tear drop. Refer to description drawing. I just recently realized that what I thought was a division in the tear drop was actually the windshield. Freak me out.

Note: The witness sent one image with his report. (See above.) This image apparently illustrates the differences in what he and daughter saw. The other photos referred in the report have not been received. The witness has been contacted and we have requested the photos. Updates will be posted.

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