July 13, 2014 – Springfield, Missouri – Near Midnight CDT



Description: I am looking for feedback on what this might be.

Note: The photo was taken at high resolution (300 dots/inch). A Nikon Coolpix Camera was used. The exposure time was 1 second indicating that the object moved several degrees in one second. The blurred background suggests that the witness may have been panning the camera and focusing on the object. A thunderstorm was occurring at the time of the photo. This was verified by checking the weather observation for Springfield at the time of the sighting. The witness was taking photos of lightning (see below). I believe that the witness captured ball lightning. Ball lightning is not commonly found in photos. The additional photo mentioned by the witness does not show anything unusual.

Response From Witness (July 15, 2014):It was just before midnight on 7-13-14. I was trying to take a picture of the lightening and no I did not see the object while I took it. I noticed it while looking at the picture with my wife. I will add another picture that looked a little strange.

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