July 14, 2012 – Phelan, California – 10 to 10:30 PM PDT

Description: It looked at first like an unusual lightning storm. Flashes of light and lightning bolts obscured by a large, circular (saucer-shaped) cloud pattern. The lights were flashing rhythmically and seemed to be traveling in three circular patterns. There was a donut-shaped cloud structure in the center, the widest part of it. At the top and bottom of this center were smaller circular activities. All were obscured by dense, centrally located clouds but the wide center section was most solid cloud cover. The lights flashing around the top and bottom were most brilliant. They definitely appeared to be moving in a circle around the entire object. The lights were multi-colored, but mostly white, some flashes of yellow and orange and reddish tinged light. The lights were flashing outward, at some times looking like a spot light. Flashes of lightning within the structure were intense and bright and contained entirely within the circular, saucer-shaped area. None of the lightning flashes hit the ground and none of them deviated from within the circular shape. There appeared to be a cylindrical center of bright light in the center, but it was hard to make it out as it was only illuminated for brief (albeit brilliant) moments. The most remarkable things about this sight were the rhythmic, cyclical pattern of movement, and the grandiose scale of it in conjunction with the fact that the activity was confined to a very definite area and shape. It had none of the random, organic movement of a natural storm. I have never seen anything remotely like it. It took my breath away and flooded me with adrenaline. My brother was closer to it and we were talking on the phone while viewing it. I tried to videotape it with my phone, but didn’t get much. The lights just didn’t show up much and my hands were shaking as my fight or flight response was in full effect. (My very first thought was that we were being attacked by some kind of military assault.) My brother said he was only about 4 or 5 miles away from it and would videotape it on his phone. I hope he got some good footage. If this was a natural phenomenon, it is most certainly like nothing I have ever heard of. Everything about it spoke of design and order. It was very powerful and there was nothing subtle about it whatsoever. Whoever or whatever may have been responsible for this, if indeed it is a UFO, made very little attempt to conceal the display.

Note: This is strange. A check of weather conditions in the area showed no storms and skies were clear. This sounds like some sort of electromagnetic phenomenon.

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