July 15, 2012 – Warrior, Alabama – 10:30 PM CDT

Description: On 15 JULY, 2012 at approximately 22:30 hours I while traveling I-65 northbound observed a bright light suddenly appear to be turned on very low altitude. I initially thought this was a falling star except it did not fall, but slowly moved toward the Southwest. I turned off my radio and rolled down my windows. I could hear no sound whatsoever. I thought this was strange because the craft was very low. It was flying as low as a low flying helicopter (maybe 600 hundred feet or so). I drove directly under it and still could hear no sound. I could see the craft appeared to have a diamond shape to it and had underneath it two blinking reddish lights and off to the sides opposite of the two blinking lights were two lights constantly on and appeared to be red as well. The large spot light was on the front of it and could not be seen as I passed underneath it. The lights underneath the craft were not bright enough to illuminate it, but did give the appearance that the craft was big, bulky and maybe a diamond shape. It was slow and constant in movement. It may have been man made, but it was strange to say the least to be so low with no noise at all.

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