July 15, 2015 – Sprague, Washington – 2 PM PDT

Description: I was fishing on Sprague lake. (I live in the town.) Around 2 PM I noticed a craft that I first thought to be a plane that seemed to be flying low and very slow. The closer it got the slower it flew and I saw that it was saucer shaped.

It stopped just north of where we were in the boat about 1,000 to 1,500 feet high. It was a very light grey on the bottom and white on the top with square windows going around the top. it was around 60 to 80 feet around guessing from the distance. I told the people in the boat of what I thought it was, but only my brother-in-law turned to see it. He agreed it was a UFO, but did not watch it like I did.

It never made a sound the whole 4 to 5 minutes it stayed above us. I turned to look for the glasses we always carry in the boat to see birds and when I got them and looked up it was gone. The sky was totally clear and it just vanished in the 10 seconds or so it took to find the glasses without a sound.

I have to tell you even if I risk being called a liar that about a week later I saw it again at my home (2 miles from the first sighting). This time it was higher, but stationary almost straight up from my home. Wile I was watching it (for no better way to say it) all of a sudden it just seemed to shrink and blink out. There was no movement. It was just gone.

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