July 16, 2004 – Buffalo, New York – 6 PM EDT

Description: I decided to go with my sister to foot of Niagara I believe it’s called. It’s off Niagara Street not far from Black Rock in Buffalo, NY. A lot of people like to fish there. It was around 6 o’clock. It was not dark at all and was nice out. There was no wind. So here we are looking over the water from our car. There was a strange thing/craft like thing floating over some buildings away from us on the opposite side of the water that we were on. It was about 65 feet away and it was not very high in the sky. It was about 40 feet in the air. We looked at each other and I said to my sister joking look it’s a UFO. And I Laughed with her because I wasn’t sure yet and it was just so weird to us and me not believing in UFOs at the time was trying to think what else it can be. This UFO hovered over these buildings for about 5 minutes then it stared moving semi slow towards the water. Now my jaw drops and it stops in the Middle of the water. It was hovering about 20 feet above the water. I asked my sister if she is seeing the same thing I see and she did. This thing was a dirty metallic color with no lights or no windows that I could see. I thought that this was weird. It was about 25 to 30 feet long. It made no noise whatsoever. It was like a football design similar to a spiral football. But the front end point was not pointed. The ends were very dull. The object stayed there in front of us for about 10 minutes. Then it flew off fast directly up in the air not side to side or horizontal. I wish I could take a lie detector test or be hypnotized to get it all out for you.

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  1. Jay says:

    ,In 1996 or 1997 about 25 other school kids plus teachers saw something similar heading to school in ENY Brooklyn. It was narrow about 3 feet wide, 12 feet tall. cross shaped, all black and made no noise. It was flying at about 200 feet above the ground at 2 MPH (or less). It moved in a steady straight line. A teacher said he followed it on the belt pkwy. I will take a lie detecter test.

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