July 17, 2012 – Sylvania, Ohio – 2:10 to 2:17 AM EDT

Description: At approximately at 2:10 AM on July 17th I witnessed what at first appeared to be a bright twinkling star. I was heading north on the expressway heading toward Sylvania. It got brighter and twinkled with brighter colors as I got closer to it or it and it got closer to me. As I further drove north on the expressway it changed shape and had me in belief that it was an airplane that was turning around. I saw large white bright lights of a boomerang shape then, as I was driving under it, it showed it’s self. I was then under the object looking up at the lights under it. The lights under formed an “X” shape. As I approached my exit slowly because of the confusion of what I was seeing and still trying to look back, it wasn’t moving and it was completely quiet. The lights were bright white and I remember seeing some blue lights. As I got off on my exit and turned on to the overpass to look back at it, it was gone. The car before me slowed as well as I did when we both exited off the expressway as if they saw what I had.

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