July 17, 2013 – Coaldale, Alberta, Canada – 6:36 PM MDT



Description: It is too bad you can’t enlarge this photo. The bright larger ball is the moon. The smaller bright object is the meteorite with wings. There is how ever three objects that stayed and didn’t move. There were eight pictures taken all in the same minute. It is too bad I deleted a couple before I saw everything that was in them. This one I sent you was the third photo. The last picture Itook tells a different story and that the objects moving around. All of pictures were taken looking to the east at 6:36 PM and all within that minute. The date was 07-16-2013. Thank you for your interest. The pictures were taken with a Samsung 3.

Note: It is difficult to say anything definitive about this photo. The steak circled in the photo could be meteor and the two bright objects could be a reflection. It is not clear if the witness actually saw the objects or later discovered them in a photo. I suspect the later because he deleted the other seven photos.

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