July, 1999 – Phoenix, Arizona – 10 PM MST

Description: I use to live in Desert Hills just North of Phoenix and just South Of New River, Arizona. I had a small dog that I use to let out of the house to use the bathroom about once an hour. I would go with him because of Coyotes. While we were out there I was looking up at the moon. I noticed a star by the moon that I hadn’t noticed the last time we were out there that night. As I was looking at this star, it started moving towards me. At first I thought it was the International Space Station, but then realized it was moving too slow for it to be that. The star was moving towards me like it was going to fly over me. This thing came from the Southeast of the sky moving towards the Northwest. As it reached almost directly over me and my dog it shot off to the Northeast and disappeared out of sight in just a matter of one second. I realized that it could not have been man made as nothing could have made a 90 degree turn and shot off in a blur like this did. It kind of shook me up, but I did not see it again after that night.

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