July 20, 2014 – Portland, Oregon – 9:12 PM PDT

Description: I was driving northbound on I-205, approaching the area of Rocky Butte, Portland, Oregon near the Portland International Airport. I am looking northbound, following a semi-truck. I am in the middle lane, in heavy traffic. I was looking towards Vancouver, Washington. I was looking also towards the sky, above the back of truck, panning the sky. I see three separate auto lights approaching towards me on to my left, mid-way up in the air-space, I had to watch traffic for there were several lane changes in this area. As I continued northbound watching the lights, the light is the size of a car headlight, from this distance. It was a small object, round sphere, light in front, black, three separate objects, not in a row. I am traveling 55 MPH. These three objects were going southbound, above traffic, going 120 MPH plus, faster than auto traffic below. I am passing them going northbound. These 3 objects have white headlights, black round shapes traveling southbound at 110+ MPH with the traffic. They were staggered and not in a perfect row. They were 7 to 10 to 8 car lengths apart. Where these drones? A very small A small airplane would be a giant next to these small objects. I am near the Portland International Airport. Also I am familiar with helicopters. They would not be traveling this low, with this traffic next to low power lines. If you can send a fax number, I can draw a picture and fax you. Thank you.

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  1. markus says:

    I-205 has yielded several anomalies over the past few years. The thing is, despite the varied light sources on or above the ground all along the busy interstate, anything unusual gets separated from the herd by astute daily drivers in fairly short order. A pretty fair asset for us sky watchers.

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