July, 2003 – Bellevue, Washington – 2 PM PDT





Description: I was an overseas student in Seattle, WA from Japan. I really loved to run the Cougar Mountain Loop. I visited there many times but one day, I saw something weird when I was driving on I-90 Seattle to east (Exit 13). I can’t think of any human air craft that perfectly round and big (looks heavy) and floating in the air. I didn’t know about this kind of web site until today. It was 8 years ago (now 2011 and I am back in Japan ), but I want to share my sighting experience.

It was a sunny day and about 2 PM. I saw nine chrome balls (no windows) that were floating on the top of West Tiger Mountain. They were shaking individually and they were trying to keep in square formation. The center one was flashing red. The other eight balls were reflected by the sun and it shone. They were all same size. I think that the object were about about 10 meters (33 feet) in diameter each.

I want to know what they were. Many cars were on I-90 so I think, many people saw them at that time. I took exit 13 to Cougar Mountain and lost sight of the objects.

I want to know what was going on. I still clearly remember the place and the shapes. If you saw the same floating objects, please email me. If anyone wants to contact me, please e-mail me or call me.

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  1. Joel Small says:

    This is, if the witness was not mistaken by seeing some kind of land based air inverson reflection, has seen a large group of ‘metallic spheres’ that all kinds of people, be they young, old, blue collar, professional, or science based. I have known of a least one pretty good picture of just such a metallic sphere that was closely tailing a formation of Japanese bombers during World War II that was taken by one of the pilots in that formation! What has always bugged me about this particular picture and incident is just why the Japanese government, or at least their armed services, never seemed to have tried to find out what this ‘device’, for the lack of a better description, was and what it’s origin was. I would think that they would be plenty concerned to know such an object had come so close to their miliary formations!
    Mr Puckett, if you have the time and inclination and can contact this witness, you might ask him if he could possibly look into such incidents that happened with the Japanese military to see if there was any definitive research into these incidents, and if this witness wants, he/she can contact me by e-mail at TWLGHTZN612@AOL.COM. Sincerely, Joel W. Small.

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