July, 2006 – Long Island, New York – 3 AM EDT

Description: This happened a number of years ago, yet I recall the majority of the details with great clarity, as it frightens me to this day and tears well up in my eyes.

It was approximately 3 AM on a summer night. I was in bed in the house I share with my family. I was 18 at the time. I had recently shut off my TV for the night and tried going to sleep. The room was pitch black, except for faint light coming through the 2 windows. I had my eyes closed for a half hour or so trying to fall asleep.

Out of the corner of my eye in my bedroom doorway no more that 6 feet from the foot of my bed I see a thin, tall, dark silouette standing behind my half opened door as if the figure was peering into my room.

I immediately responded “Dad, what are you doing?”  I believed it was my father whose bedroom door is inches away from mine, possibly checking in on me.

The figure did not respond, and I immediately knew it was not my father. The door was further opened maybe 80% of the way. It was then the dark silhouette was fully revealed. It was a black or dark grey, extremely tall (6ft 8 inches?) and thin figure (thin like a stick figure) with a head 2X size of a human’s with pinhole sized eyes that lit up like super bright LED lights.

I was immediately terrified. Thinking I was hallucinating I threw my blanket over my head, hoping it would go away. After another moment I uncovered my head and the figure was now in my room, walked through the doorway inches from the foot of my bed with it’s massively long arms outstretched parallel to the ground.

I went into fight or flight mode, adrenaline pumping reached for the 7 inch rambo style knife in it’s sheath’, next to me between my wall and mattress. (I purchased the knife on ebay only weeks earlier.)

As I brandished the long knife, it made a menacing metallic “shing” sound, and I pointed it at the figure. The figure seemed startled, immediately turned around, exited through my doorway, and vanished into the darkness of my hallway.

I have told many friends and family members of my account. I am getting terrible chills and my eyes are tearing up recounting my close encounter.

Please post my story to let others with similar sightings that they are not alone.

There is is ZERO doubt in my mind that I had an extraterrestrial being in my room that night. Luckily it has never returned, to my knowledge.

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  1. brooklyn says:

    WOW! What a strange story! I have to say that you were very brave to do what you did. I would have probably tried to attack it before it attacks me. I would not want to be a missing person who has never been seen again and is probably in some other planet in a zoo or as a slave. Anyway I am curious to know your age ? If it ever happens again make sure it’s not your dad or a family member and do what you have to do.

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