July, 2014 – Franklin, Tennessee

3X Enlargement of Aerial White Lights Seen by Witnesses.

3X Enlargement of Aerial White Lights Seen by Witnesses.

Description: My cousin and I were sitting outside at night and he said that he saw a light and it was just jumping around like a fly in the sky, but it was glowing. I saw it soon after and we went to the field that it was over and it was like it saw us and moved right over our heads at a speed I have never seen before. It didn’t make one bit of sound. Here is the best photo we got of it.

Response of Witness to Investigator Questions:
Question: Thanks for sending your interesting photo.  First I need to know the date, time and location (city, state) where you experienced your sighting. This is necessary for me to compare your sighting to other potential reports.

Response: I don’t remember the exact date, but it was this past July and it was in Franklin, Tennessee.

Note: The witness doesn’t remember the exact date and time of photo. The photo was of very low resolution so enlargement does not reveal much detail.

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