July 23, 2013 – Lansdale, Pennsylvania – 9:06 PM EDT



Description: Enclosed are 5 images that closely resemble those submitted from New Delhi, India. Photo # 1225 has dark reddish brown spots scattered around the exterior, like those seen in the last photo taken by the New Delhi witness. Having researched the UFO phenomena for 54 years, I decided to engage in a 3 year night sky observation. By eliminating natural objects ( stars, planets, etc. ) as well as man made orbiting vehicles, I have focused on photographing unknowns that behave in an abnormal fashion. Consequently, I have established a photo file containing hundreds of interesting images. Feel free to use the enclosed photos for posting or examination. Thank You. I took the photos standing in my backyard. Lansdale is about 25 miles outside of Philadelphia in the suburbs.
Note: The photographer is comparing his shots with stills extracted from video in New Delhi, India on Jan. 19, 2011. Click here to read this report and view photos.

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  1. Lori says:

    Hi UFOs NW. The date is 1/10/17, and I’m looking at a 7/23/13 report of a photo shot over Lansdale, PA. My write up is in the comment box below. Obviously, this is similar in structure to the thing I saw at 6 AM outside my bedroom window late August, 2005 or 2006, which I wrote to you about that night after looking up “UFO’s” for the first time. My sighting was a grey disk hanging low in the sky (just behind tops of evergreen trees) and when I went to the window, it started lighting up around the perimeter (like a movie marquee). My note to you details all the amazing things it did before it stopped with the lights and turned mirror-like and then disappeared right before my eyes diagonally bottom right to top left. It took about 15 minutes in all as I now recall it. I am in Phoenixville, PA and I had asked you not to publish it as it was way too strange and I don’t think anyone has seen the same since. This occurrence was also reported by me to MUFON a few years ago. So if you can dig it out, post it. Maybe someone else has seen something like it. I JUST NOW recalled that on several occasions after I moved into this place (moved in -1996) in the middle of the night when my window was open I could hear beeping coming from somewhere like someone transmitting Morse Code loudly enough that I thought it was coming from the home 20 feet away. Maybe it was the disk somewhere overhead. I don’t recall hearing the Morse Code sounds after I saw the disk though, and I haven’t heard them or seen the disk since. This was very strange. Too bad I can’t read Morse Code.

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