July 26, 2009 – Port Townsend, Washington – 10 or 11 PM PDT

Description: I had just got home from Frankfort, Michigan (I saw all sorts of flying things over there as well) and it was also my 18th birthday which is why I will always remember this. It was 10 or 11 PM and very clear out. There were thousands of stars. I was leaning my back against my girlfriend’s car looking straight up and noticed three stars in the formation of a perfect triangle. The triangle started spinning fast clockwise, so it looked like a black triangle spinning in one spot. It slowly stopped spinning and when it did, the three stars all shot away from each other so it looked like the triangle was just expanding over the whole sky. At that point they just look like satellites, just a spec flying through space. I tried to watch them all, but they just kept flying their separate ways so I could only watch one. I wonder what the heck it was. Now every time I look up I try to find that perfect formation of stars but it is never a perfect triangle! And they don’t fly away from each other in perfect synchrony after spinning like a wheel in the sky!

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