July 29, 2012 – Koreatown, Los Angeles, California – 7 PM PDT

Description: I was standing outside in the evening when I noticed an airplane flying in the sky, and what I first took for a blimp not far from it. I noticed that the shape and size of the second craft differed from a blimp as the plane continued its ascent and the second craft took a different path around the sky. It was disc shaped, appeared white and was visibly rotating. There appeared to be a part that was grey in color that rotated around the craft. It also wobbled a bit. It followed a path in the southern sky, from west to east. It was eventually blocked from my view by buildings.

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  1. Joel Small says:

    This object that this witness described, or this type I should say, has been seen and reported by the hundreds over at least six decades. It could have been somebody’s drone as there are more than a few being publicly and privately being flown, but this wasn’t the case in the past years. So I tend to think this person also saw a bona fide unidentified aerial object!

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