July 29, 2012 – Salt Lake City, Utah – 1:35 AM MDT

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Description: I don’t remember the exact date, but it was during the summer, because with the hot days in Utah, I would take my kid to the park between 11 PM & 3 AM. One night I had gotten him to lay down & look up at the stars with me. I am not sure which direction the aircraft came from because I almost didn’t notice it. It’s main color was just like the night sky, except for the stars, of course. I did notice some circles on the bottom of the craft, although instead of being lit up, they were VERY dim and simply like a silvery gray color, almost as if they had recently been shut off but still glowed slightly. It hovered for a few moments. From the time I had noticed it, I would say no longer than 20 seconds, before it shot off at INCREDIBLE speed heading North. It was no more than 100 to 200 yards from the ground. It appeared to be a classic delta shape. It really struck me that it was COMPLETELY silent. There was no indication of wind displacement even! I am sure you think this is just a story, but I have not shared this story before because I know what people think about others who talk about “UFO sightings”. The date & time are approximate.

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