July 29, 2013 – Denver, Colorado 2 to 3:30 AM MDT

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Description: I was driving down Colorado Blvd going back to my sisters house when out of the corner of my eye I saw something with lights hovering above the church on 38th. I did a u-turn on 40th and turned on 38th and then stopped. I recorded it on my sister’s cell phone. While recording I noticed that the object was not showing up on the screen even though I was looking right at it. I then stopped a guy that was walking and asked him if he saw it. He said “ya you mean that square thing with the lights, it looks like a kite” It was NOT a kite. It was 2:30 AM.

I then left and drove the short distance to my sister’s. I told her about it. When I told her it was still there. When I left she wanted to go see if it was still there. We drove back to that area and it was there hovering above the church. We stopped on 38th and sat there bewildered as to what this object was. My sister told me to drive under it. Apprehensively I decided to drive down the alley just after the parking lot of the church. As we maneuvered south down the alley the object hovered above, but even with the car as it moved. When we reached 37th I turned left and stopped. The object was hovering over 37th. As we were stopped a truck passed us and pulled over to see what we were looking at. They saw the object and thought it was peculiar. They went about their business.

My sister was trying to photograph the object (which we both concluded looked like a red transparent bubble with bluish white lights that seemed to be eyes). When the flash went off the object hovered/floated behind some trees as if it were trying to hide. I backed up down the street so we could see it. I then decided to see if it would “follow” us and drove back up the street and it did indeed stay in close proximity to the car. We parked in the church parking lot and got out. It was not threatening in anyway, but was just odd. The two guys in the truck drove back by, saw us still looking and pulled into the parking lot. The four of us could not determine what it was. It did somewhat resemble a balloon so one of the guys tried to locate where a string was that would be tethering the object and was unsuccessful. Meanwhile my sister called her boyfriend and he showed up. He too was baffled as to what this floating/hovering object could be.

The two guys in the truck left and my sister, her boyfriend and I just watched. It seemed to be looking at us with the lights. The lights moved as if it were thinking or computing. I’m not sure of the correct word. It had intelligence. By the time we left it was 4:00 AM and the object never went out of sight. We left it and it didn’t disappear. During this time we also saw 2 what seemed to be stars go from standstill to across the sky. It was like they took it out of park and moved quickly across the entire sky. I have A LOT more photos and videos of this thing.

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