July 29, 2014 – Umbria, Italy – 10 PM Local Time



Description: Hi: I’m Italian and I’m a passionate photographer. Last month I was taking photos of the stars on one mountain near my city in Italy. Yesterday for the first time I’ve been viewing those photos cause I haven’t had time before. In 2 of the photos there appears a strange object in the sky composed by 12 lights in 2 different points in 2 photos. Now, the camera exposure settings I was using were 15 seconds which means nothing can be impressed on the photo unless it stays there steady exactly that time. What is impressive is that this thing had exactly the same structure with 12 circular lights in 2 different positions in 2 photos.

The camera I used was a Canon 5d mark III with a 35 MM F 2. The lens settings are F4, ISO 1600 and 15 second exposure.

Response of Witness to Investigator Questions: The point that made me so curious about the things in the photos are exactly the settings.
In both I used a fixed lens 35 MM F2 (which is kind of a good lens) so not a zoom. Of course firstly I have been thinking about some light trails, but how can it be that the same light trail appears in 2 different points in 2 photos with the same 12 lights structure? And notice that the camera was fixed on a tripod. Notice also that the light in the 2 photos seems moving on the same line.

The answer is no, I didn’t see the lights with my naked eyes as well as most of the stars. That is why in photography we trick the camera to be so sensitive. The purpose was to catch more stars than can meet the eyes.

Note: Debunkers will say that the photo represents one light moving in a 15 second time period. NO, this is not an explanation because two photos were taken about one minute apart and both show the line of lights. Both photos were taken with a 15 second exposure. A digital zoom setting was used in the second photo. (This is displayed above.)

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