July 30, 2012 – Airline Crew Reports Flying Disk That Paced Their Aircraft – East of Kansas City

Source: Ken Pfeifer (MUFON & World UFO Photos)

Request For Witness Information For Sighting Below:
Attention Travelers on Flights From St. Louis to Kansas City on 07/30/2012
Please File Report if You Saw Anything Unusual in the Sky While on Your Flight

Sketch of Disc Shaped Object That Followed Aircraft. (Constructed by Investigator.)

Sketch of Disc Shaped Object That Followed Aircraft (Constructed by Investigator.)

Path of SW Flight 3665 as Tracked by Radar.

Path of SW Flight 3665 as Tracked by Radar.



7-30-12 9:25 PM to 9:47 PM CDT on Flight from St. Louis to Kansas City International Airport

I am the pilot of a regularly scheduled commercial aircraft flight from St. Louis to Kansas City and was on approach to KCI when my co-pilot said he saw an unidentified object to the right of the aircraft that appeared to be following us. It was not yet in my range of view, so I asked him to confirm that and the object remained. I radioed the tower and asked for radar confirmation but there was none. Then the object came into my view to the right front of the aircraft. At that point we were approximately 35 minutes out from the airport. The object was a silver/gray color and had three blue/white lights on the bottom and one on the top. It was a disc-shaped craft with a low dome on top. It was approximately 300 feet from our aircraft and NNE of our position. Then the object suddenly moved underneath us and to the left, and continued at the our same rate of speed. I discussed this with my co-pilot and we decided not to tell the tower what we saw because of what happens when reports like this are made. The tower then asked us to confirm an unidentified object and I said it was no longer in view. I was concerned, however, that it might be a problem. The object stayed with us for approximately 22 minutes. When I decreased aircraft speed for approach, the object slowed as well, then went directly south of our position at a very high rate of speed – faster than any aircraft Ive ever seen. I was a military pilot for 14 years and know what type of aircraft we have. It was definitely NOT a man-made aircraft. Some pilots have lost their jobs when they report a UFO, and I would like to keep mine so am not providing my name or contact information. Some of the passengers were discussing this as they left the plane but we did not discuss it with them. Other crew members saw it as well, but did not report it. I just wanted to tell someone about it. Note: phone number is for ASD since witness would not provide a number. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.

Note: UFOS Northwest has just completed an analysis of this sighting. Based on the time of the sighting, the origin and destination of the flight we determined that the flight had to be SW flight #3665. This flight departed St. Louis, MO at 9:03 PM CDT on 7/30/2012 and landed at Kansas City, MO at 9:57 PM CDT on 7/30/2012. To support this analysis we requested voice tapes, radar data and tower logs for July 30, 2012 at the time of the sighting. The data that we requested does not support this sighting. There were no records of any conversation by the crew with air traffic control or the Kansas City Tower regarding unknown objects. The radar data did not show anything unusual. Radar did not show any objects pacing or close to the aircraft. Also the tower logs make no mention of any reports of UFOs by any aircraft on 7/30/2012. The fact that aforementioned does not support this report does not mean that it did not occur. It does cast more doubt on the report.
Click Here to read this special report (PDF).

Additional Information Provided by MUFON Investigator Margie Kay
(She Took Report From Witness) – Updated 1/2/2013:
I appreciate your work on this sighting report. There may have been no pilot jargon because he was talking to someone who wouldn’t know what it meant. I got the feeling that the man was very sincere, and very afraid of losing his job so he didn’t want to give too much information. It could have been a hoax, yet I have the feeling that it wasn’t. I have had no further communication from him, however, this event was covered by the media, who did a report live from the airport, and asked people what they thought about it. However, they spoke to no one directly involved. I was hoping that if someone who was on that flight and saw the media coverage they would file a report at MUFON. I would be very interested in hearing what the analysis is of the voice tapes.

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7 Responses to July 30, 2012 – Airline Crew Reports Flying Disk That Paced Their Aircraft – East of Kansas City

  1. WALTER T. ROGERS says:



    • Administrator says:

      Yes, I wonder if this case is a hoax. I also think that the pilot may have seen the object, but intentionally mislead us by giving the wrong date and time so that we couldn’t trace the flight #?

  2. Joel Small says:

    I am writing this on New Year’s Day, and by the way, thank you Mr. Puckett for your dogged determination to see this incident is handled as very best that it can be, considering what seems to be some more than odd circumstances around this case.
    Mr. Puckett, do you know the ‘said’ identity of this pilot in some sufficiently probable manner, i.e., name, pilot number, and so on? Did this person actually name the flight number and time of the flight to you or anyone else working with you? I think that, at least in the U.F.O. incident at the Chicago-O’Hare event, at least some of the employees and even pilots did give their names with their testimony. I can kind of understand the extreme apprehension on the part of a commericial pilot in saying that he saw something as bizaare as this did supposedly approach his passenger-laden aircraft, due to the potentially massive ramifications involved from passenger injury, judicial actions, etc. Do you know if this pilot or anybody else involved with this incident try to contact the N.A.R.C.A.P. group or not, then again they might not know of them or how to get hold of them?
    Were there any concurrent reports handed in from any witnesses ‘on the ground’ that may have seen this event; I seem to semi-recall one such report, but not specific enough to elucidate about.
    There have been other extremely good reports given by many witnesses, one this last year during the Colorado fires, that for whatever reason, just seemed to ‘get lost in the weeds’ for lack of a better term, and the reasons of this is the height of stymification! But then who am I to criticize, as I have never really done one thing to actually research such events, so I will just say thank you and all those who you work with who really do the nitty-gritty digging where others don’t care to tread, and don’t want anyone treading there either! Joel Small.

    • Administrator says:


      Many thanks for your comments. The pilot has never come forward, nor did he indicate the flight number or any other specifics. The pilot also did not list any contact information. At this point there is not much more I can do unless any passengers come forward.

      Happy New Year.

  3. R.R. says:

    I find it very sad and disturbing that commercial pilots fear losing their job if they make a UFO report. The FAA and our government is withholding information that is the citizens right to know. I’m glad at least this pilot made the report albeit anonymously.

  4. Herbert S. Taylor says:

    This has all the earmarks of being a potentially important report, except that as it now stands, there isn’t anything meaningful that can be done with it. There are no names, no airline, etc. And, of course, no detailed accounts (with sketches) from the various witnesses. The price of years of ridicule and neglect has reared its ugly head in a particularly glaring manner. What might have been a classic-type report now has actually little meaning. It’s a damn shame. The one ray of hope is that this pilot will contact NARCAP, which would be the perfect investigatory group to conduct a thorough, in-depth inquiry into this report. Or that NARCAP will make an effort to locate this aircrew, and then proceed to conduct a thorough investigation. Something needs to be done with this notable incident. It can’t be allowed to simply vanish away, thanks to the ridicule barrier. Everything must be done to enable this airline pilot UFO report to become part of the permanent UFO record.

    • Administrator says:

      NARCAP is working on this case. I am a research associate with NARCAP. At this time we don’t even know if this is an authentic report. As you pointed out we have no witness names or contact information.

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