July 4, 2009 – Gravel Ridge, Arkansas – 8:30 PM CDT

Sketch of Object Prepared by Witness.

Sketch of Object Prepared by Witness.



Description: This is very similar to what I saw. Strangely, all the photos and videos I see which are similar to my experience all happen somewhere in the world on July 4th. It is obviously NOT fireworks, just as mine was not. It is weird that the orange craft seem to be always on July 4th or the day after. The object I saw was very similar to this, except that there was no flattening at the top and no point at the bottom. It was round, with rounded ‘ridges’ that sloped and bulged out. I just can’t describe it better. I am really going to attempt to draw it.

Note: The witness is referring to a video taken in Muncie, Indiana on July 4, 2011.
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4 Responses to July 4, 2009 – Gravel Ridge, Arkansas – 8:30 PM CDT

  1. Cathy says:

    Yes, I do not believe in coincidences; there is a reason why we are being allowed to see these craft. It’s funny because I never thought about how many times seeing strange objects in the sky have occurred in my life. The first time I remember was when I was about 10 and my father was outside smoking. HE ran in the house and called us all outside to see ‘something’ in the sky over a field across the street from where we lived. It was a very bright object that was not stationary. It moved and hovered until finally zipping away almost straight up. I have been seeing things since then.

  2. Joan says:

    I agree. I think this is a large part of the reason we have trouble accepting the phenomena, and perhaps an inherent part of the message that they try to convey.

  3. Joan says:

    I don’t think that it’s an accident that so many objects are viewed and captured on videos or photos during occasions where folks are likely to be looking up and carrying cameras. I have a sense that these entities are trying very hard to get our attention, yet consistantly meet with resistance. I also wonder whether full materialization of long duration comes with a certain price, and so is used judiciously, reserved for occasions where they have the highest chance of success.

    • Administrator says:

      Good comment! I personally believe after years of research that most UFOS are high dimensional (parallel universes?) phenomena.

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