July 4, 2013 – Antioch, California – 11 PM PDT

Description: Okay, let me start out by stating that I am a skeptic that usually requires
rock bottom, absolute hard evidence or proof of something to believe or even
speak of it. Yet, here I am in unfamiliar territory, and my traditional
navigation skills seem to leave me short of an explanation. Maybe me
describing this to someone who won’t tell me that I was seeing things might
provide me with some degree of relief. Here goes:

It had to be a little short of 11 PM when we got home. We went to see
fireworks at Diablo Vista Elementary School and then grabbed a bite before
coming in. The family went in to eat and my wife and I sat on the porch to
smoke (it was still very warm after a day at the waterpark). It couldn’t have
been 11:30 yet, but there were no more fireworks going off that I could
hear. Looking from my driveway over the stop sign at the corner, above the
houses about an eighth of a mile in the sky, all of a sudden, just out of
view from my left, traveling very slowly from left to right, floated a
bright red light. It flew very ‘evenly’ and did not have the standard beacon
or marker lights that I see on common aircraft. It couldn’t have been more than a
quarter mile from me. It was really dark so I got a real good look at this
orb-like light. It moved in complete silence. There were no sounds of propulsion of any
kind, propeller, turbine or otherwise, could be heard as it ‘floated’ by.

I didn’t see any wings or a fuselage. It had an orb like glow to it. The
shape of the glow I can only describe as a torus. So, if you know what that
is, it looked like one the size of two city buses stuck together floated
over the houses. I followed it up my driveway until it was just out of sight
over the treeline in my neighbor’s backyard. Mind you, I had my iPhone in my
hand THE WHOLE TIME,  but I was in awe. I doubted what I saw. I didn’t want
to take my eyes off of it in fear of losing it or missing something. I
couldn’t believe it and still don’t.

Weird, huh?

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