July 5, 2012 – Cotulla, Texas – 10:04 PM CDT



Description: This report apparently was submitted to MUFON (although no investigative record can be located on the MUFON web site.)
MUFON Report Says:
“My father works in an oil company here in Texas, and they had noticed that some people were taking the crude oil in the night,” the witness stated. “So they started putting cameras up around the areas. One night one camera caught a UFO.” The witness explains that the photo had been circulated, but with no further explanation. “The news had spread throughout the workers and they soon emailed it to my father. My father had sent it to me and now I’m posting it here on MUFON.”

Read more: http://www.disclose.tv/forum/cotulla-texas-sighting-very-cool-t83007.html#ixzz2nKSm5cp3

Note: This photo has appeared on several websites. We learned of it through a reader who found the case on one of the websites. The photo and report were submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). MUFON officially lists the report as “information only.” The results of the MUFON investigation are listed below Is this a real UFO, entity or a hoax?

Results of MUFON Investigation: Case completed as an Unknown or a Landing. It looks really like a landing for an unknown reason.

Person reporting is a third party witness in this case.

Photo Report from Marc D’Antonio

I looked at this image before as I mentioned. One thing I noticed is that this is NOT a snapshot. It is actually a time exposure. I am not yet sure what the exposure was, but it’s possibly 1/2 second perhaps. That is just a guess, but it’s based on knowing how these low light cams work. The exposure is usually longer than typical so as to capture the details in the scene.

The results is that whatever this object is, it is not being seen in its true form. This is because the object is moving in my opinion and the time exposure shows the object elongated. The reason I deduced that it’s moving is because it is blurred along the horizontal. Noting the three lights, I believe that these multiple lights are actually just ONE light, that was blinking as the object moved across the field of view. In my experience, such an appearance is very consistent with a moving object in a time exposure.

Knowing the image exposure time will give me the blink rate frequency. I cannot say what it was however, just that it is a trailed time exposure of a singular object that had a singular blinking light on it. Not knowing the distance to the object in this field of view yet I cannot deduce any scale for the object. In my opinion, this object is an unknown BUT a trailed time exposure of an unknown at this point.

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4 Responses to July 5, 2012 – Cotulla, Texas – 10:04 PM CDT

  1. Barbara G. says:

    You have to laugh about this one. I wonder if the “UFO” needed some crude oil or a oil change? It looks more to me like a common photo that had a little” touch up” work done on it. There is a lot of these photos floating around. Besides who would want to steal crude oil unless you owned a refinery? You sure couldn’t use it in your car.

  2. Louis Jackson says:

    Holy s##t! Is this a real photo?

  3. Interesting the original report that floated around many months ago, have the full photo cropped (by the media article I archived). I wonder why?


    I also added your information (with credit) to the original case file.

  4. Joel Wesley Small says:

    There might be some sort of ‘entity’ in this photo, but then again, maybe not. Then again, it could be anything one can make of it. Unfortunately, this is one of those pictures that are so unclear that one’s senses strain to make out anything remotely sensical.

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