July 6, 2013 – Sea Isle, New Jersey – 9:45 PM EDT

Watch Video of Erratic Moving Light (YouTube):



Description: I saw a bright orange light, flame-like and medium-sized. It flew at a steady speed.

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15 Responses to July 6, 2013 – Sea Isle, New Jersey – 9:45 PM EDT

  1. David says:

    “Video taken of Aerial light that reversed direction of movement.” No, I don’t think so. It’s obviously just a parallax effect. As soon as the light is about to disappear behind a column, the cameraman moves rapidly to his right to keep it in view. This produces an apparent retrograde movement. As soon as the cameraman stops moving, the light resumes it’s original right to left motion.

  2. ExSophus says:

    It was likely a remote controlled aircraft of some sort with bright LED(s) attached (i.e. “quadcopter” or similar). Note what also appears (due to it’s motion) to be a bug seemingly attracted to the light at about 0:25 into the video. Note also the unusual shadows under the eaves of the background house and the grey rectangular shadow cast on the garage door or wall of the same background house by what appears to be a fence. Showing there appears to be relatively bright illumination from the upper left rear of the camera pointing toward the R/C aircraft which could be what is illuminating the “bug”. The “bug” could also be a second R/C aircraft.

  3. O J Simpson says:

    It is so obvious the film was edited. Fake fake fake.

  4. b says:

    Moving the camera to the right created an optical illusion.

  5. rex says:

    Please! The light appears to move in reverse only when the cameraperson also moves into a new position which creates more airspace between the object and the house in the foreground. The camera moving position changes the perspective of the scene for a moment. The cameraman stops moving and the light continues on it’s way. Also’, I live in a large city with a decent view for miles. I often see these lights and they are helicopters or airplanes, which have a bright white headlight. Often when the movement of the chopper or plane is moving somewhat towards me, or directly towards me, all I see is a bright white light. (When the plane moves directly at me it appears to be an extremely bright white hovering stationary light.) In that video the object is probably not actually moving directly from right to left, but rather from right to left, but also somewhat in the direction of the camera. It may appear to move from right to left, but one cannot tell at night and at that distance. — A photographer.

  6. Jerry wild says:

    Sure when you or your car move the light relative to the building appears to move. It’s like driving at night and the moon appears to be moving relative to the background. In this case the car moves and then stops creating the reversal appearance.

  7. SuperLuminal Elf says:


    The camera was moved at the precise moment of the alleged retrograde action of the light in question, rendering it effectively useless as evidence of something anomalous or unusual.

  8. Marc says:

    It looks like an erratically moving camera to me. I was in Longport, NJ the same day and at about 10 AM there was UFO floating in the sky about 10k up. It looked like the ISS, and was just floating there and drifting. All of a sudden it turned and then just disappeared. About 10 minutes later two F-16’s go flying by in the direction the UFO disappeared. I was with three other people and we all witnessed it. It sucked because either one of use had our cell phones to capture a picture.

  9. Aileen says:

    Bill, there were two objects there together.

  10. Kenneth Larson says:

    Reversal of a bright object in evening sky is very interesting to watch as it bounces around in the sky. What are the UFOs trying to say or make clear? Why have similar sightings gone on for centuries around the world? Nuts and bolts research is okay, but the big question humanity has to solve is why are they here? Maybe some humans been told why, but then other humans ignore and ridicule them.

  11. justin says:

    Your kidding aren’t you. It’s a plane and it’s erratic because your moving around. Don’t waste people’s time.

  12. MIke S says:

    Complete waste of time. How on earth did Rense see fit to post a link to this worthless bs?

  13. Bitch Boy says:

    Can we think of an appearance of a UFO as a form of communication to us? Here from comment: I was in Longport, NJ the same day and at about 10 AM there was UFO floating in the sky about 10k up. It looked like the ISS, and was just floating there and drifting. All of a sudden it turned and then just disappeared. About 10 minutes later two F-16′s go flying by in the direction the UFO disappeared

    Can we only wonder what those F-16s were up to? They are nuclear capable aircraft, that is, nuclear weapons can be launched from them. Are we making a connection with the UFO’s and nuclear weapons? Do some of us understand why 150,000 nuclear weapons have been built?

    Can we only wonder how many see the connection with nuclear weapons and genocide? Can we not appreciate the protection given to us by our elders from space? Must we continue to finance the Pentagon to make war against us?


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