July 6, 2014 – Chatham, Ontario, Canada – 1:30 AM EDT

Description: I came across your site as I was looking for, hoping for, someone who may have seen what I saw in the night sky last evening, on the outskirts of Chatham, Ontario. It was approximately 1:30 AM and I looked out into my backyard to see if our pool had been covered and through the trees I saw a very bright light in the sky. It was very evident at first glance. It was not a star, planet or even a plane. It was hovering in the sky swaying slightly from left to right in an effortless motion. It began to move in a quicker manner unlike the movement any man made object could do. It then stopped as I had called others in my home to look at it. It was too dark outside (as I live on the outskirts of the town) and the object was too bright to determine the shape or actual size, but it I am certain it must have been very large. There were lights on it. The best color to describe the lights flashing would be red, but it was pulsating very quickly.

We observed it for 10 minutes. As we continued to watch the bright light it got increasing larger and began to descend slowly downward. The trees in the backward then obstructed any further viewing.

My mother and I often see objects in the night sky over Chatham and Wallaceburg, Ontario. We see them zip across the sky very very quickly. No man made object could ever fly as quickly and precisely as the objects we see. They also change direction without effort in sudden and abrupt movements. They also will disappear without any warning, even when the night sky is crystal clear. Last night’s object was the closest I have seen. It descended to the ground which was frightening. I tried to see where it had went, but I have too many Trees in my back yard. The activity over this area in the last three years has been alarming.

What I will say, from my observations, as that it most definitely is extraterrestrial in nature and the most alarming point is it’s clear they are not trying to hide. Their visitations in the skies are becoming more frequent, and I have seen up to 8 in one evening alone as my mother and I watched the sky as we often do. I believe, our planet, is close to uncovering the nature if these visitations. I believe disclosure is close and eminent. One can only hope that they are here for a good reason.

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