July 9, 2013 – Viking, Alberta, Canada



Description: There are 4 circles in a perfect square in my field. I measured 9 feet across the circle, 30 feet from the outside of one circle to the one beside it. The picture was taken in July. I will be harvesting the wheat in early September. It is creepy. I have ruled it ferry rings, but in a perfect square?

The grain field is 10 miles southeast of Viking, Alberta, Canada. I am currently on vacation in BC returning August 10th. Have not been near the circles since July 11th. I can look and let you know. The field is 6 miles from my farm and in the middle of a cattle ranch so I don’t see it on a regular occasion. We do have a Canadian military base close by? Nothing strange happened near the time when the circles appeared.

Note: We have requested that the witness make a report when he returns to his farm to see if the crop circles are still there. Updates will be posted.

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8 Responses to July 9, 2013 – Viking, Alberta, Canada

  1. Brian says:

    The less elaborate circles appear genuine? Are you on crack? Have you seen some of the absolutely perfect complex images that have been made? There is NO way those were made with boards and string at night etc. Impossible. You can tell FAKE ones by the crappy designs and imperfect symmetry. These are fake all day long.

    • Administrator says:

      No, less elaborate crop circle designs have been shown to be more “authentic” than fancier circles. The authenticity of a circle needs to be evaluated by analysis of the stocks (node expulsion, node bending, etc.) and not just by the design.

  2. Joe Farnsworth says:

    Why is it that everyone else gets neat crop circles and when it is Canada’s turn, we get really dumb ones? Why can’t we get some of the neat ones that they get near Stonehenge? I guess the only reason that the aliens are near Edmonton is to go to the West Edmonton Mall! Not a whole lot else to do in that area.

  3. Joseph Ryan says:

    The less elaborate crop circles are, in my belief, the more authentic. Some of the very most elaborate crop circles in recent years have shown signs of being “human.” (That is ever so slightly “imperfect.”)

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