July 9, 2014 – Seattle, Washington – 4:39 to 4:43 AM PDT



Description: Took these photos on July 9th and 10th. One was at 4:43 AM and other 4:49 AM. The location was in Seattle, WA, King county. I noticed a bright light in the sky and looked around to see if any other stars are out, but didn’t see any so I thought that I would take picture. I checked the next morning and saw the same thing. There is nothing else in the sky. I go back and look at them zoomed into the bright light and it seems to have a triangle around the light. You can see the dark edges around the light. The photos were taken with galaxy Note 2. Maybe you guys can see what I see maybe not. It sat in the sky for as long as I watched it each time for around 20 minutes, but was still there when I went back inside. The 3rd morning it wasn’t there. There was no witness except me.

Note: The witness photographed the Planet Venus which was visible in the eastern sky at the times that the photos were taken. The witness took 2 photos 6 minutes apart the second photo shows the object moving to the right which is consistent with the rotation of the Earth. (The first photo is shown above.)

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