July or August, 2012 – Mokelumne Hill, California

Description: I took a video outside with my camera resting on the railing to avoid any jerking motion that might result from holding the camera manually. Then I found my self sitting on the edge of my bed looking at the video I had just taken. The video itself is only 2 minutes and 48 seconds long. It was as if I was gone briefly and lost track of time even though it was only for a couple of minutes. You can see in the video that the object starts off as a star, but it then starts moving. It changes from a twinkling star to a sphere then back to a twinkling star and then to a sphere. It then takes off, out of the line of sight of my camera and when it returns, the object is much bigger as if it got closer to me. but yet I cannot come to a conclusion of what size it was because at the time I must have bin unconscious. I can only explain what I saw on the video that I look. It was a ball of light (pink, yellow, green, ,purple and orange). All of the colors were moving around. It was just a constant ball of radiating coler and energy. It moved extremely fast. It is hard for me to explain and it’s frustrating because someone some one erased video on my camera.

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