June 15, 1976 – Ford City, Pennsylvania – 5 PM EDT

Sketch of Bottom of Object Based on Witness Description.

Sketch of Bottom of Object Based on Witness Description.


Description: I have never reported this before, but I have always looked for similar pictures and never have found any. I along with my mother, who passed away 1998, saw an odd black shape, during a bright mostly clear day about 5 PM in 1976. At least our vision of the item was not obstructed by clouds etc. We both saw the shape defined below at a lower altitude then raise directly overhead until the object was out of sight. The item appeared black in color. The center of the object was shaped similar to a cigar HOWEVER there were two intersecting black lines. The best way to describe the shape is to draw a 2 inch cigar shape. Then move in 1/2 inch from each side and center a 1 inch cigar shape crossing the center, or may I say perpendicular to the center line. I use the 2 inch description because that is the size it appeared in the sky. I estimate this item to have been about 2,000 feet up. (I base this altitude estimate on my current perception of my past memory from 1976 and my skydiving experiences in the mid 90s when I was fairly good at estimating the height of clouds.) This has never left my memory and has always bothered me. This is the first time I have reported this sighting.

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